Preserving Evidence After A Personal Injury Accident

If you have suffered from a personal injury, you need to take action in the first few days following the incident. It is vital that you find and preserve evidence that will strengthen your case.

Firstly, you should return to the place that the accident took place. Look for evidence and take photographs of any reasons that may have led to the accident taking place, for example, a raised paving stone that caused a fall. You should also question people in the area as to whether they witnessed your accident or if they are aware of other similar incidents occurring in the same location.

Photograph the area thoroughly from all angles, especially the angle that represents the way you were facing when the accident took place. Make sure that your photograph represents similar conditions to those that existed at the time of the incident – attend the site at the same time of day and preferably on the same day of the personal injury lawyers calgary

If there is physical evidence in your case, ensure that it is preserved in photographic form for use in court. This may include such examples as damage to your vehicle or a broken handrail. Sometimes, this type of evidence can tell the court something about the extent of your injuries. For example, vehicle damage can reveal how bad a collision was and clothing that shows evidence of blood is a graphic demonstration of injuries sustained.

Contact any witnesses and document their evidence as quickly as possible after the incident. This is to ensure they do not forget any details. Make sure you visit a doctor as soon as possible to provide a record of your injuries and take photographs of visible marks. A visit to a medical practitioner is also good evidence of the severity of your injuries.