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Welcome !

My life has been enriched by textiles, and this site is a way to share my enthusiasm.

In the Scrapbook you will find photos of some of my work. The Publications section is a collection of monographs about weaving that I have written over the years, some of which are the basis of workshops that I've given. I hope that some of my weaving colleagues will find them useful.

I also do commission work, and if you would like to ask me about a special order piece please use the Contacts link in the upper right corner of each screen.

Please enjoy!

The weaving shown here is a blanket (7 feet by 4.5 feet) that commemorates a wonderful trip that my partner, Geoff Ghitter, and I took across Canada, from coast to coast. The images reflect some of the history and diversity of our great nation. This piece is woven in Rio Grande style tapestry. The tumbling blocks motif, often seen in quilts, is used here to accentuate the context of Canadian pioneering.

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